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Code Promotion

A few words about who we are

Meet our company!

Code Promotion is a company that operates in the market of business gifts and promotional items for the last 22 χρόνια.

Our operational market, experienced a great growth during the last years. Thanks to specific conditions were developed a necessity of supporting the business relationship between companies and their customer base, through business gifts. Furthermore, were created the necessity of providing a support to the existing and new consuming products by the incorporation of promotional items.

To cover all you gift needs Code Promotion co-operates exclusively with large multinational companies in Europe and imports promotional items from China, India, Taiwan, Turkey and other countries.

Code Promotion can supply products such as:


- Office Items
- Travel Items
- Leisure Items
- Textile & Rain Items
- Conference Items


- Personal Care
- Promotion Items
- Lanyards
- Mousepads
- Everything about Technology


- Packaging
- Clips
- Pins
- Glasses
- Mugs


- Ashtrays
- Work Clothes
- BIC Products
- Lighters & Pens

Product Goals

If you do not find something in our catalogues that appeals to your needs, please feel free to ask us to create something especially for you, something that will suit your objectives, needs and budget. We are at your disposal and more than happy to assist you with proposals so you may choose something that will remain unforgettable in the minds and hearts of your customers.